Event Acoustics consists of a team of acoustic consultants, engineers and software developers with years of practical experience in the entertainment industry. While Event Acoustics' core business is acoustic and audio consultancy, the exceptional combination of specialists, and the projects they work on, regularly leads to the development of unique solutions and products. Event Acoustics’ expertise, knowledge and quality products are used worldwide in numerous buildings and by events and rental companies alike.

Audio and Acoustic Consultancy

Event Acoustics has an unconventional, progressive approach to audio and acoustic consultancy.

Sound quality is influenced by many factors such as natural acoustics, architecture and the equipment used for their adjustment. Legislature and technology are dynamic in their development, especially in large-scale projects that take years of dedication to complete. Our specialists take all these factors into account to ensure a balanced end result and a substantial improvement of acoustic perception.

Our mission is to create the best possible sound experience at any scale location, event or show for musicians, technicians and audience alike. We believe in functionality and craftsmanship, combining practical experience with theoretical knowledge and product innovation to provide customers with the best solution for their event or venue.

Our consultants use proven and innovative products. When necessary, we create custom solutions or adapt existing products to ensure acoustic excellence. Using both existing and new state of the art technologies, our solutions are practical, efficient and of high value.

Product Innovation and Development

Focusing on audio and acoustics and inspired by our experience as consultants, we often develop solutions according to our customer’s specific needs. Many of these solutions are sold by XLNT Advanced Technologies.

Some of our recent innovations are:

  • XLNT BassCreator®: A noise pollution control device used to manage the audio environment in prominent clubs such as Studio 80, Amsterdam and Tivoli, Utrecht. Bass Creator gives the effect of a louder bass while actually reducing it, causing less hindrance to the neighbours and safe-guarding a club’s permits.
  • XLNT MCR (Multiple Channel Reverberation): The first digital reverberation system and selected by Peutz, in a comparative study, as the musician’s choice for the “most natural sound”. In 2006 it was awarded the prestigious Installation Europe Award for Excellence in Entertainment. XLNT MCR is used in venues >3000m3 such as Kursaal Oostende in Belgium.
  • XLNT VAP (Virtual Acoustics Processing): The revolutionary reverberation system, derived from MCR. VAP is used in venues <3000m3 such as Centrum Muziek XXI, Utrecht.
  • The Engineer: This digital audio management processor, designed for Martin Audio, was granted the Most InAVative audio product for commercial use (non-loudspeaker) at the InAvation Awards during the 2009 ISE trade show.
  • XLNT TexLnt®: A modular low frequency acoustical absorption shielding baffle used for rental and temporary purposes worldwide for events, festivals and concerts such as the North Sea Jazz Festival in Ahoy, Rotterdam. XLNT TexLnt® is regularly sold to rental companies because of its mobility and practicality. Furthermore, XLNT TexLnt® is sold in fixed installation situations (dedicated version) in venues such as Paradiso, Amsterdam and Tivoli, Utrecht.

Areas of Expertise:

Our consultants have been involved in many large-scale events and projects such as the North Sea Jazz festival, Lowlands, Muziekpaleis, Utrecht and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum.

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