04 april 2017

We invited you to join us in Frankfurt to find out why MeTrao is worlds most advanced sound and vibration measurement system and why it is selected by the leading venues, events, cit...

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Event Acoustics presents World's most advanced sound measurement system 02 february 2017

There are just a few days to go until ISE opens its doors to its huge audience from 7th-10th February 2017. We invite you to join us in Amsterdam to find out why MeTrao is worlds most advanced sound and vibration measurement system and why it is selected by the leading venues, events, cities, artists, festivals and consulting companies.

Come and talk to our knowledgeable and qualified team of sales and application consultants in Hall 7, BOOTH 7-K175, as we are keen to discuss your latest project requirements, demo our ultimate event noise management control system and answer any questions you may have.

MeTrao, selected by the leading live events and consulting companies as their primary tool for sound management at the Amsterdam ArenA, Wembley Stadium, Ziggo Dome and multi stage festivals as Reading, Hyde Park Concerts, Pinkpop, Lollapalooza, North Sea Jazz, Mayday, Ruhr in Love, Nature One, Zürich Open Air, Lowlands and many, many more …


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Event Acoustics appoints Marcel Albers to lead global expansion strategy 24 may 2016

The Netherlands - Specialist acoustic and audio consultancy Event Acoustics announces the appointment of Marcel Albers as Head of Global Sales, with a focus on the worldwide distribution of the company's trailblazing sound management system MeTrao.
Renowned in the Dutch music and entertainment industry, Albers has a 20-year track record of success as an international artist manager, theatre and television producer and record company owner.
With this extensive experience and a key interest in innovation and breaking into international markets, Albers has proved the ideal fit to push Event Acoustics' pioneering products into the wider world.
"I have been involved in the activities of Event Acoustics for some time now," explains Albers. "The company leads the next generation of sound management, with a team that comprises true experts in the field of audio and acoustics. Their work in research and development is way ahead of its time and I am delighted with the decision of Ampco Flashlight Group to give this work priority, putting the globalization of MeTrao high on the agenda."
MeTrao offers an entirely new way of measuring sound and vibration. It provides audio professionals and event organisers with a quick and easy way to measure and observe the increasingly strict sound level regulations of live event environments, whilst boosting the quality of the audio output.
Albers will combine his new position with his work as Commercial Director of the Synco Network Europe and its existing music company activities. To allow for this, his role as Director of Marketing and Communications for Ampco Flashlight Group will be taken over internally for the short term.
Dick van Berkum, CEO Ampco Flashlight Group, comments: "Event Acoustics and MeTrao are very important for our group of companies and I'm glad we have a man like Marcel to lead this international challenge."

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Event Acoustics invites you to Prolight+Sound 2016 01 april 2016

As a valued  MeTrao partner we invite you to join us in Frankfurt at the must-attend international trade show for the latest Technologies.

Come and talk to our knowledgeable and qualified team of sales and application engineers in Hall 4.1 A.30. As ever we’re keen to discuss your latest project’s requirements, demo our products and answer any questions you may have.

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Event Acoustics to launch new generation of products 15 april 2015

Germany - Acoustic and audio specialist Event Acoustics is set to launch its new and improved version of MeTrao, a unique intelligent network measurement system for temporary and permanent installations, at Frankfurt Prolight+Sound 2015.

Event Acoustics, part of the Ampco Flashlight Group, can be found in Hall 8 on stand H04, where visitors can get up close and personal with the pioneering new features of MeTrao 2.0.

The MeTrao 2.0 provides audio professionals and event organizers with a quick and easy way to measure and observe the increasingly strict sound level regulations prevalent today.

Designed from real life experience gained managing the sound levels of various large-scale Dutch and Belgian festivals such as North Sea Jazz and Laundry Days, Event Acoustics developed the system's latest useful features based on challenges that arose at such events.

"What is unique about our system is its level of sensitivity," says Peter van der Greer, senior consultant for Event Acoustics. "Today it can highlight which stage of a multi-stage festival is causing a problem and in some cases what frequencies or combination of frequencies are causing the regulation noise levels of an event to be breached. This means any issue can be pinpointed and solved at the exact source, rather than changing the overall volume levels of all 20 stages.

"When we first got involved with Lowlands festival in 2009 they had been trying to solve the problem of the reduction of the noise limit in the environment from 64 dB(A) to 50 dB(A) at 11pm by creating a 15 minute break and lowering the levels in all the tents. At the same time the organiser wanted the dance tents louder. As soon as we came on board with MeTrao it was sorted - festival management were stood behind us watching and were in awe of how quickly we solved it!"

The MeTrao can identify the frequency level of the problematic stage from up to a kilometre away, even at a levels of up to 15db below background level. It's also a one-stop shop multi sensor tool for measuring a range of other factors, including wind and compression, which mitigates the need for extensive control rooms full of different systems.

"The system is also an energy and money saving tool as it can even tell festival food vendors how much energy they're using, enabling them to adapt for the following year," continues van der Geer.

A further problem-solving feature of the MeTrao 2.0 is that it can aid communication between event engineers and project managers through its chat system. Messages are logged and change colour when acknowledged and responded to. This can help keep everything running smoothly on a networked system and ensures a number of different regulations are adhered to from one place.

This active control system not only works for events but has also been implemented in the city of Rotterdam as a means to keep noise complaints to a minimum. Numerous city centre bars and clubs have purchased the MeTrao system to alert the DJ/venue manager when the noise is close to unacceptable levels so they can make the necessary adjustments. This has seen neighbourhood complaints reduced by a whopping 60% in the past two years.

Alongside Me Trao 2.0, Event Acoustics will be exhibiting TexLnt, its modular low frequency baffle system. The special drapes, which increase the absorption of bass tones of less than 100 Hz by over seven times, are now fully certified to the German B1 fire-rating certificate according to the German standard DIN 4102. This equals the French M1 and the UK class 0.

"The new certification is fantastic, as it means we can offer the TexLnt system globally. We're the only manufacturer with this level of approval," says van der Geer.

This is good news for venues and audiences everywhere, as even with the best sound systems and engineers, the complaints about sound quality are not unheard of. This is often combatted with the use of conventional drapes, however these only partially solve problems in the mid and high frequency ranges.

Event Acoustics created TexLnt as a means to also mitigate the contribution of lower frequencies to noise pollution. Manufactured from several layers of environmentally friendly Dutch sheep wool and foil, the drapes are highly portable and easy to clean.

"Sheep wool baffles have a number of handling and storage advantages over conventional acoustical materials and excellent acoustical properties in the sub and low frequency ranges, where ordinary drapes are ineffective," says van der Geer.

"We are very much looking forward to this year's ProLight+Sound show and exhibiting the MeTrao and TexLnt systems," says Director of Communications and Marketing for the Ampco Flashlight Group, Marcel Albers. "The MeTrao is the world's best sound measurement system that has been certified according to the highest standard in the world, the German PTB* type 1, and is not the usual clumsy software solution on a notebook or tablet."

Prolight+Sound 2015 takes place at the Messe in Frankfurt, between the 15 and 18 of April 2015.

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‘Very impressed’: Event Acoustics on the new Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker system 03 march 2011

Being focussed on tackling noise spill at live events and sound quality issues in highly reverberant spaces, we were delighted to receive an invitation from Martin Audio's Belgium distributor, Face, to do measurements at an open air MLA demo. The things we had read in advance about the system were hard to believe, and if true would make it the sound system we all dream of.

To put it simply, according to the specs the system could deliver sound where you want it and no sound where you don’t want it – and can accurately predict this. The MLA system was set up at a festival field close to the Face headquarters. The site measures 80 meters wide by 160 meters deep.

Two PA wings were set up 24 meters apart (with 12-box hangs per side trimmed at a 10 meter height). A further 12 MLX subs were stacked adjacent to each other—forming a single broadside array—along the front. To measure it we set up our class 1 EA event monitoring system with measuring points at 20, 60, 95 and 130 meters. Additional measurements where done with class 1 Svantek handheld meters.

The system setup

For the audience we set up two big display screens in the best FOH tent we’ve ever seen – the dream of every engineer: a bar with service at FOH. As the EA event monitoring system is internet-based, even read-out facilities for smartphones and tablets were provided for the audience.

The Event Acoustics event measurement system has the following components:

Measurement stations

Fully weatherproof class 1 measurements stations with integrated Svantek 957/959 sound level meters for local data storage, and an industrial PC and modem for data handling and transport. Rugged screen for the sound engineer with all the required readings.

Internet based monitoring software

Per web page the status of 15 field stations can be seen in real time and with history. Parameters like dB(A), LAeq, dB(C), LCeq or one third of octaves can be graphical presented.

EA correlation module

Unmanned sound monitoring is a very challenging job. Are you measuring passing cars or the event? Which stage is causing the sound levels at the monitoring point and is spectral information available? To answer those questions we developed our EA correlation module and the ability to listen in real time at a monitoring point. Within minutes the EA correlation module can answer all those questions.

The Results

The results were impressive: behind the arrays we measured an unbelievable drop of more than 27 dB(A). I had a nice chat with Jason Baird, the leading designer of the system. Were talking just two meters from the back of an MLA array, without needing to raise our voices. According to the predictions of Martyn ‘Ferrit’ Rowe the system should have a flat sound level to 80 meters then drop by 5 dB(A) at 95 meters and more than 10 dB(A) at 130 meters. To our surprise, this happened when we were allowed, for a couple of minutes, to put on our favourite track “Pink Noise” from various artists, as the following graph shows.
Apart of the controlled sound coverage, the system has a very equal frequency response at every listening position. A second thing we were surprised by is the spatial coverage of each array – it seems like the horizontal opening angle is even at each frequency, something I’ve never experienced, creating a great stereo sound. This is really the tool we are looking for and hope to use soon, to tackle event noise spill and other acoustical problems with events in the highly reverberant spaces of our clients.

Peter van der Geer,

Senior consultant Event Acoustics

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FEBRUARY 25 2011 - Mobile Air WallTM from Event Acoustics had an outstanding ISE début in the 3D Theatre in Hall 9 and on the adjacent Booth 9B141. This sound isolation baffle system was used to create both the 3D Theatre itself, providing sound isolation and acoustical improvement for the theatre on the busy show floor, and formed a small purpose built demo room for the Event Acoustics booth.

Event Acoustics' senior acoustics consultant, Peter van der Geer, commented: "We had a phenomenal level of interest from the start of the show to the end. We had a large number of serious enquiries and requests for immediate quotations from around half of them. It was a stunning start for us with this product."

Mobile Air Wall is the latest addition to Event Acoustics' range of sound isolation solutions, which includes the pioneering TexLNT sheep wool baffles that have been deployed to great effect at venues such as the Ahoy in Rotterdam for the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Designed to be hung from standard entertainment mounting and rigging systems, Mobile Air Wall enables an exhibitor to create a quality meeting space in a noisy environment like a trade show.

No other solution works the way Mobile Air wall works - a new and innovative mobile wall material that isolates sound by up to 18dB and creates excellent acoustics in one go. Discrete conversations can be held without disturbing or overhearing what is being discussed in the next room.

A meeting room from 2x2 to 20x50 meters can be created using panels 3 metres high and one meter wide. An overlap makes sure it is a closed space and with smart 'shush openings' the air inside remains cool while maintaining silence. The panels can be hung like curtains, have a soft cushioned feel and a patented and environmentally friendly sheep wool filling. Because of its simple setup, one layer does all the work, making it more cost effective than any other solution.

The product was successfully premiered at IMEX 2010 in Frankfurt, where a team from Belgian dealer Abbit Meeting Support constructed a demo meeting room for IMEX educational sessions. The PDIP room at IMEX 2010 was the world premiere of a silent meeting room on a noisy tradeshow floor.

Mobile Air Wall is tested and certified to the European standard EN ISO 6941 (2003) for textile fabrics, burning behaviour and measurement of flame spread properties.

Mobile Air Wall is 100 mm thick; standard width is 1.0 meter and it comes in rolls of 2,3,4,6 or 8 meters. Custom lengths can be ordered on request.

The baffles are fitted with mounting strips at both the top and bottom end, allowing the user to use third party mounting equipment.

The standard color is black; other colors can be made on request.

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